Living Room Wine Cellar: 4 Essential Points to Keep In Mind When Creating It

Living Room Wine Cellar: 4 Essential Points to Keep In Mind When Creating It

Has your wine collection increased so much that you cannot even fit the bottles in the wine fridge anymore? Well, then I think it’s time for you to create a separate room in your house, where you can store these luxurious drinks. Yes, you got it right. I’m suggesting, you create a luxurious wine cellar at your home. Having a wine cellar at home won’t just help you store loads of wine bottles, but will also help you increase the “style quotient” of your entire house. And I’m pretty sure; you would love to hear praises from your guests and visitors. So, for the sake of your huge wine collection, as well as your home’s appeal, please create a wine cellar.

Thinking, how can you create a wine cellar when you don’t have a proper basement or an extra room? Do not worry. In today’s era, everything is possible. Hence, even if you do not have an extra space for creating a wine cellar, you can still create it in any of your rooms; preferably, the drawing room. How? Well, either you can hire an interior designer to plan it for you. And in case you think that’s going to be too heavy for your pockets, then go through some amazing home improvement magazines to get some ideas or else, just keep reading this blog. In this blog, I have jotted down all the essential points that will help you create a wine cellar in one of the corners of your drawing space.

Please take a look.

First, choose the right space

If you are thinking that you can choose any spot within your living or drawing room to create a wine cellar, then you are seriously mistaken. To create a cellar which can actually preserve your wine collection well, you have to choose a perfect corner, which is away from heat and direct sunlight. Hence, choose one of those corners in your living room, which is away from the window.

Pick the right wine racks

Apart from choosing the right space, another essential thing that you have to do is choose the right kind of racks, so that you can keep all your wine bottles safe. Wondering, what are the things that you must check before buying wine cellar racks? Here’s a list; hope it helps.

* Check the capacity- You must surely check the capacity of a rack before buying so that all your wine bottles can fit in properly and doesn’t crack due to clumsiness.

* Check the material- Checking the material of the wine racks is essential so that you can get an idea whether they are robust enough or not. If you ask me, which racks I prefer, then I would definitely say metal wine racks. They are sober and extremely chic. Also perfect for a contemporary cellar.

* Check the size- Next; you have to check the size of the racks. You need to check the size so that it can fit in your living room’s area, where you have decided to create a mini cellar.

* Check the aesthetics- Last but not the least, you need to see whether the racks are appealing enough and also matches the living room’s décor or not.

Keep moisture and humidity under control

Now, you must be wondering how is this possible, right? There’s nothing to worry my friend, with the invention of the wine cellar cooling unit, controlling humidity and removing moisture has become really very easy. So, along with amazing racks, do add a perfect wine cellar cooling unit.

Add an extra edge with lighting

You must be rally confused because, in the first point, I have mentioned that no light can enter and now, I’m asking to add lightings. Well, the major reason why I’m asking you to add lights is just to enhance the look of the cellar. However, do not think you opt for normal incandescent or halogens, as they emit a lot of heat. Instead, you can choose those LED lighting that virtually doesn’t emit any heat like the track, puck or LED strip lights.

So, these were all the essential points that will help you create a wine cellar in one of the corners of your drawing or living space. Hope this will help you create an amazing cellar.


Author Bio- Stephan Millar’s is a professional interior designer and owns a wine cellar designing company in Houston. His blogs can help you choose the best metal wine racks, as well as other kinds of wine cellar racks in Houston.

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