How A Lactation Consultant Can Help?

lactation consultant

Breast feeding is a joy and comes laden with a host of other benefits too. That could be the talk sometime else. For now, you can actually get in touch with a certified lactation consultant who will be able to manage breastfeeding better. Clever management and smart handling makes both mom and baby’s lives easier! And yes breastfeeding is a boon that comes with maternity. It is time we recognize this, love it and respect it. More power to new moms!

Breastfeeding is a deal that every new mom has to handle. Overtime every woman is hormonally bound to feel the attraction towards having a child. However, breastfeeding might just not be as easy as it looks. Share your mom or granny nursed and handled breastfeeding pretty well but then, they will not be around always to make you feel comfortable. Therefore, it is not unnatural to not feel natural about breastfeeding your little angel. This is where the need for a certified lactation consultant or lactation feeding expert comes into play.

There are a number of issues that could come laced onto breastfeeding as a new mom. These can be tackled by a lactation consultant before they worsen. Think sore nipples, bad fitting latches and the like–these become common problems with breastfeeding!

Lori J. Isenstadt, a lactation consultant, RLC, IBCLC, owner– All About Breastfeeding in Arizona says, “Usually, the problem gets worse before it gets better.”

Not realizing how to handle a particular latching technique will actually lead to more issues. You might also experience nipples that are itchy. Therefore, these problems are more common than you ever thought. It is always better to get in touch with a consultant sooner than later. This is because no matter how embarrassing a question you have, it is suggested that you blurt it out.  As Pat Gilliatt, a certified lactation consultant says, “I don’t think there is ever such a thing as a stupid question. In fact, if you feel uncomfortable talking to your lactation consultant, that might be a sign that you should start looking for a different one.”

To begin with, while talking to a consultant about lactation and breastfeeding, be sure to give full attention. There will be issues such as mother nutrition and sleep that have to be discussed as well. Therefore, to make the most out of your appointment, you need to give full time and focus to your consultant.

Get all scoop on breastfeeding before you give birth by joining a class. These can begin by the time of your second trimester.  This will make you handle breastfeeding issues better. Also, this will make sure you have the right information at your finger tips, without much fuss.

  • In addition, you can do some reading up on breastfeeding problems and issues allied to lactation. There are some common queries that most mew moms need to be answered-
    How will a lactation expert help breastfeeding mothers with problems?
  • For how long does your baby need  breastfeeding?
  • What tips will be handy for breastfeeding moms?

The best tip that breastfeeding experts offer these days is to involve your partner in the process. This will help you gain ample rest as well as involve your partner in the rearing part of the baby. Lactation actually helps the two of you come closer by offering ways to enhance communication. With better communication, there are myriad ways that your bond can be heightened up like never before! Thanks to these advantages, breastfeeding when done the right way can prove to be a boon indeed. Go ahead and try it without delay.

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