Kashmiri Food

If I would ask you, what is your intention of living? What you desire for? Certainly, you would answer me; for a lavishing life, a big mansion, designer wardrobe, and the palatable cuisine. We all aim to get these three all along. Just think what if I tell you will get the pleasure of in a day, you would certainly grab this opportunity. Yes, this is absolutely as pleasant as


India has always been a country well-known for its treatments in the medical field. Earlier, it was the natural medicines such as ayurveda, homeopathy, allopathy and unani. But, today the country has developed in the field of English medicine too. People fly from far away countries to India in order to enjoy the super facilities that the field of medicine that is provided here. India has emerged as one of

Ranikhet Excursion: The Best Trip to Be Planned

This place has always grabbed a position in your vacation’s list. In fact, it is the hottest destination that you always manage to place it somewhere in the year whether it is the autumn or the winter. You desperately want to get the enchanting view of lowland, the jungles, the snow-capped mountains, and the interlinking rivers. This time before visiting Uttarakhand, know some essential facts about the place. Why is

Visiting the Prized Attractions of Bangalore

With its clamoring shopping centers, ever pressed streets and tall structures, Bangalore gives another face to contemporary India, one that the more youthful eras can identify with. The city, which was earlier known as the ‘Garden City of India’, is currently named as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ for its status as one of the principal centres of the IT boom. Along with all this, the city never fails to

Exciting things you can do for free in Kolkata

The city of happiness, Kolkata has something to offer to everybody. Doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are stacked or broke, pioneer or explorer, every one of you will locate one’s own flavor and indulgences in this amazing city. An inquisitive and vivacious blend of current way of life that still remains established in the most conventional and socially enhancing environment, Kolkata is both fiery and sweet.

Pune: A Real Marathi Treat, You Simply Cannot Ignore

If you’re planning to spend some quality time in a city which showcases the best mix of traditions and modernity, then Pune could be an amazing place to explore. Mentioned here is a short travel guide to Pune. Before making any travel reservations, it would be best to check for Bangalore, Chennai or Delhi to Pune flights. The sobriquets of Pune, namely the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the Oxford of