Take proper care of your hair with sulfate free shampoo and hair packs

Hair fall has become the most common problem these days. This has many reasons. High amount of pollution, huge stress and fast life lead to this, and in addition to these, is the unhealthy food habits that everyone has fallen prey for. One has to take a few minutes out every day from their regular busy schedule to take proper care of their hair. It is not a very difficult

Where Is Fashion Going In 2016?

It’s a question you may well ask. And one there is no simple answer to, I’m afraid. Quite frankly, it’s going all over the place right now – but far from this being a nuisance, it’s an absolute joy to be embraced. The loose cannon that is fashion is firing off in all directions, landing glorious strikes in vogue-ish corners far and wide. So how exactly will this modish madness