6 “Pre-purchase” Questions You Shouldn’t Forget Asking about Window Blinds

Window Blinds

Every house owner dreams of a house with a fabulous interior. And that does not just require good

taste and skills, but also a lot of patience and hard work. It is all about picking the right elements

from the right manufacturer and then placing them in a way so that each one of them compliments

the other. Remember that if the beauty of one clashes with another, then your decoration is not at

all successful.

One of the most under-rated elements in the world of interior decoration is window dressings. The

power of this element is immense, and yet, most of us tend to neglect it. We prefer using the age-old

heavy curtains instead of investing in modern-day “easy-to- use and maintain” blinds.

I am sure that you must have heard about Roller, Roman, Venetian, plantation and vertical Blinds

Pakenham and have noticed them in many contemporary households. Then, why not get them in

your own house in order to optimize the privacy level as well as increase the appeal of the house? If

you take some time out and search online, you will see that there are many window treatment

manufacturing companies out there which provide an array of options in terms of designs, colors,

and materials. You should contact them immediately for purchasing a few sets of exclusive blinds

but do not forget to ask a few vital questions. Wondering what kinds of questions you need to ask

them so that you can be sure of the products? Well, take a look below.

  • Will you provide a warranty on the products?

The first thing which you should ask should be regarding the warranty. Generally, a reputed

blinds manufacturer would provide warranties of a specific number of months. But you

should clarify this in the very beginning so that you can immediately contact them if you see

any kind of flaws in the first few months. So this is the first question which you should ask

the company.

  • Will you install it for me?


Generally, blinds are extremely easy to install. Most of the people with minimum DIY skills

can do it themselves. But if you are not sure of your DIY skills, then this is the second most

important question which you should ask. They generally send a professional for installing

commercial as well as residential window treatments.

  • How will it look from the outside?

Most house owners just worry about the appeal that it will bring into the house interior. But

they completely forget that the outer side of the blinds will be visible from outside the

house. And if it looks bad, then the overall appeal of the house would decrease. So, it’s very

important that you ask this question and make sure that the blinds are beautiful inside out.

  • Can I customize them for my triangle and round windows?

Many contemporary households have unique windows that do not fall under the “standard

window size and shape” rules. Contemporary interiors are all about geometrical patterns

and fine, bold lines. Many of us own houses with statement round, oval or triangular

windows. Buying normal blinds Pakenham won’t serve the purpose. So, ask the company if

they can customize the blinds for your special windows.

  • What is the method of operation?

Generally, the window blinds are operated via two mediums – chain systems or cords. Some

extremely modern ones can be operated with the help of remote control as well. Thus, it will

be wise on your behalf if you ask this to the company in the very beginning.

  • How do I clean them?

Unlike traditional curtains, blinds are extremely easy to maintain. All you need to do is

vacuum clean it once a week. And if you see some stubborn stains or marks such as ink,

grease, etc. then scrub it with a solution of vinegar and water. But, the cleaning method and

procedure completely depends on the material and the quality. So, ask the manufacturer to

provide you with some maintenance guidelines.

So, these are the six major questions which you must ask before purchasing dressings for

your windows. Don’t delay anymore and contact a good company at the earliest, and make

sure you ask them every question that is mentioned in this blog. Thank me later!

Author Bio: Jennifer Green is a popular lifestyle blogger. Here, she writes about the

questions to ask before buying Blinds Pakenham. Read her articles and blogs to know about

various kinds of Blinds Berwick.

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