5 Best Kashmiri Food

Kashmiri Food

If I would ask you, what is your intention of living? What you desire for? Certainly, you would answer me; for a lavishing life, a big mansion, designer wardrobe, and the palatable cuisine. We all aim to get these three all along. Just think what if I tell you will get the pleasure of in a day, you would certainly grab this opportunity. Yes, this is absolutely as pleasant as anything and you will find it at a place which we call “paradise of earth” none other than Kashmir.

The crown of our country is not only soothing for eyes, but also does wondrous for mouth. Full of taste, these luscious cuisines would not let you resist still after your full tummy. The best part is these delicacies are served along the beautiful creature of god, which is a treat to senses.

Let us look the top 5 Kashmiri Cuisines

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

  • Rogan Josh

In my opinion, this is the biggest contribution of, Mughal Dynasty, to the country. Jokes apart, this dish is certainly appetizing and mouth watering for the meat lovers especially those who love lamb. With the taste, its odour is also magical; it would conjure your mind. Made up of brown onion, yogurt and spices, it will be best suited with ‘naan’ or hot ‘rice’.

  • Dum Olav

No-no, it’s not only about non-vegetarians, there is something as delicious for Veg lovers. Dum olav is a Kashmiri version of Dum aaloo, made up of potatoes, yogurt, ginger powder and other spices. It is one of the most lovable dishes of Kashmir and no doubt, it would give dainty to your taste buds.

  • Yakhini

This authentic and traditional cuisine of Kashmiri, also known as ‘Yogurt curry’ is really pungent one. There could be no other dish as Kashmiri and mouth-watering than this. Flavoured with cardamoms, onions, mint leaves, and ‘mawar’ flowers, this lamb dish is cooked in yogurt gravy. One should definitely enjoy this in his Kashmir tour packages.

Kahwah Kashmiri

  • Kahwah

After a long tired day, you wish to have something rejuvenating, for this you have a beverage available, full of sliced almonds, cinnamon and saffron, the Kashmiri tea ‘kahwah’ which could calm all your senses and get you  instant relief. This unique herbal tea is made up of green tea leaves found in Kashmir.

  • Chaaman

This special dish is very common in Kashmir, found in almost every party and wedding and festive season. This dish is made up of fried ‘paneer’ and later submerged in turmeric gravy. It is a finger-licking dish which is the favourite one of all the Kashmiri and tourist.

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